Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dexter Heifer Calf and Rat Terrier

Short post today as our weather has cooled off again and we have lots going on! I wanted to call the  heifer calf above  Craighill Mary Ann McCracken, but I can only have 21 letters for registration purposes. I need to figure out a contraction. Miss McCracken is the is the daughter of Chautauqua Lully, AKA "Peewee"  who was pictured in the dairy barn a few days ago. If you like history, here is a link to her historical namesake, a great lady. the heifer is a very active lively calf, and a friend has dubbed her "pogo stick".

If starting this cattle blog has taught me anything so far, its that photographing live animals is difficult. She preened her head up, then down. I tried to take these pictures from the inside of a then empty hutch next door. Our young Rat Terrier came to see why the boss was sitting down in a calf pen. While there, she got distracted by a snack! Lizzie the rat dog will eat anything nasty. Her favorites are the rotten lamb tails she finds in the pasture from banding and the sticky, smelly turds that healthy new baby calves expel. Oddly, she will not eat scrambled or fried eggs. No wonder Gene Logsdon recently railed about dogs licking babies.

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