Friday, June 8, 2012

Scott Terry's Christian Farm and Homestead Show

Here is the link for the radio show. Scott is an exemplary farmer with a lot of agrarian wisdom and the conversation touched on many subjects. 


  1. I really enjoyed the show last night! Many thanks to you and Scott for answering my question about preparing pasture for grazing cattle. You really know your stuff about Kerry cattle and I'm glad you mentioned the benefits of Dexters, too.

    It was an enjoyable evening and the show is a great resource for people like myself, who are just starting out (albeit in my senior years!).

    Hope the effects of a late night won't hinder you too much today, but it was worth it for me :-)

  2. I just want to let you know that I have written something about last night's podcast on my blog, if you'd like to read it. Also, I included some photos of the pasture, but hope to take some more pictures on our next visit to the property. Thanks, again, for a very enjoyable podcast!